My name is
I’m the founder and creative director @
a small, v. scaleable shop in Portland, Oregon where we
esp. Transformative Marketing and Art for harnessing into Cultural Phenomena. I co-founded and continue to publish
a Study of the Greatest Spectacle On Earth (Road Cycling), Yonder Journal; the Pop-Anthropology of Other, and
X Crystals & Pistols.


CURRENT MAIN STUFF: Creative Direction & Mad Crazy Ideas on Demand in service to Campaigns, Super Original Content and Cultural Artifacts. CORE COMPETENCY:
Director of the Institute for Transformation for
Parisian Tour Guide,
Lanyard Enthusiast, Tactical Wardrobe Consultation,
Custom Bike Designs,
Pursuit LARPing 🤺, Recreational Survivalist, Mercurial Weather Navigator 🧭, World Hats,
Fanny Packs and Sneakers.

Check out my instagram shit: MFS, MSO, YJ, 1000%.


Personal Statement & State Of The Union As Of 05/17/19

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: My name is Daniel Pasley, 13 years ago I created the Rapha Continental and the sport of riding bikes on gravel roads. I also invented the word epic. Your welcome. Should you think of me as the grandfather of gravel riding, yes, absolutely. Where have I been the last ten years? First, I had too many children, gained weight and squatted in house West of the cut in St Johns, Oregon. Then I fell gleefully into a Brovet Campaign where I rode through polar vortices, snow-i-canes, mythical states and disenchanted landscapes. Then I got hooked on Speed Speed Speed and the Greatest Spectacle on Earth aka Tour De Francing which led to a Dead Reckoning odyssey during which odyssey I endured science fictional humidity while dragging a mountain bike over the Caucasus Mountains in the Republic of Georgia, I almost died in 107 degree heat along the Murray River on the west slope of the Snowies, and I cried myself to sleep on the edge of the Dolores for days on end as I bike-packed and packrafted through a southern Colorado paradox with two desert rats named Chico and Doom. What now, what’s next? All of it, I’m combining all of it and going backwards through a forward shaped hole. I’m doing gravel again but this time I’m racing it. Starting with the Dirty Kansas 200. Based on Ted King’s 2018 winning time and what I know about my natural abilities it will take me no more than 10 hours to complete this years DK. High Speed Suck, Types 1234 and 5 Fun, Listen to Your body Ignore your body, comfort with discomfort, subject athlete, razzle dazzle, this is my element, this is my calling. I’m going to win the 2019 Dirty Kanza, even if means I have to beat Lachlan Morton and Taylor Phinney to do it. In fact, consider this a challenge.  Ted, Lachlan, Taylor and whoever else is listening, I’m coming for you. I just planted my flag. in you, the race and state of Kansas.